Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's to come!

I'll start by saying, WE ARE A VERY CRAFTY FAMILY!  We've sat on the sidelines watching this whole Blog-world saying, "Wow, we could do that".   Our sitting around is ending.  We are going to do this.  We have lots of ideas to share, things to teach people, and items to sell.  We'll be setting up an store in case you see something you just don't want to make yourself.  Our background is diverse.  My mother is a Bob Ross Certified Floral Painting instructor.  She teaches oil and pastel painting.  She paints on EVERY medium, even if it wasn't meant to be painted on.  (dad says he has to keep moving because if he stays still too long, she'll paint him!).  We both teach Stained Glass classes in the Community School programs.  My daughter is a growing scrap-booker and stamp-fanatic.  Ever woman in the family has a talent from painting, drawing, arts and cooking.  We are super excited to grow our friend and follower network.

Lots of more to come in the future!