Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A friend for the WingBack Chair!

So I'm on this kick to eliminate the wood in my house.  No more orange-ish oak for me!!  I broke the news to my husband that I wanted to paint, distress, and glaze our kitchen cabinets.  He took it better than I thought and had a great recommendation.  He asked that before we take on that huge project, I do some smaller projects to 'master' the process.  GREAT IDEA!  So I started with a side table.  A very pretty little table I picked up off Craigslist.  She was beautiful before. (stupid me didn't take before pics) but she really was flawless.  Very sturdy construction, solid oak.  I know there are Oak people who shriek in horror over the thought of painting such a piece, but I have to say she's a vision.

My previous post was introducing you to my Upholstery Creation... A vision in black and white!!
Well she really needed a friend.  A little side chair to accent her design... her curves...  her style.

Isn't she pretty!  I painted her a winter-white.  A color as close to the color of the cloth used on the chair as I could find.  Then I used the same stencil on the drawer front as on the back of the chair.  She is glazed with a charcoal to give her an antiqued look.  I absolutely love how the glaze shows the grain of the wood on the top.  LOVE LOVE this!  I'm doing my Kitchen Table this exact way but I'm going to distress it.  I wanted to distress this side table but I have to admit I'm a little anxious about distressing things.  I really like the look but am worried I will ruin the piece by over distressing it or make it look cheap.  I'm going to do this on a piece I'm keeping vs selling first.  :-)  My next project to complete the chair/table ensemble is to do a lamp to set on the table!   super fun!!


  1. Wow, very cute! I love the stencil--great job! You can always paint over your distressing if you don't like it, right? :) I'm always surprised how much I like the distressed look...but the clean look is wonderful as well. Good luck!

  2. Great project! I'm sorry you didn't get befores of this, I'll bet it's a huge improvement.

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for following my blog. What a beautiful chair! I want to learn how to reapolster (sp?) sometime-ish. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  4. These 2 pieces are beautiful!!

    Thanks for following!

  5. Just trying to get a hold of you again so I can send you the coasters you won from my Pay It Forward post :D

    Please contact me at with your mailing address!