Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The To-Do list is growing!!

So with the completion of the wing back chair and the side table, I also completed a coffee table finished in a french white, distressed and glazed with a charcoal grey.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, you'll have to take my word for it because I never took pictures of it.  I was so excited to complete it and get it to my local consignment store, Home Again Decor, that when I went there three days later to get some good shots of it set up in the shop, it had already sold!!  WooHoo!!!  but lesson to me.... take MORE pictures from beginning to end... geez lady!!

So anyhooo, I have since been a little crazy with CL shopping and two weekends of Garage Sale Finds!!! My to-do list is growing and my little tiny craft room is bursting at the seems.  I have some items I know what I'm going to do with but I need help with a couple.  I'm hoping you can look at them and give me some ideas... What would you do with these? 
These are two beautiful chest-like end tables.  I just love the rustic wood and the old hardware!  Should I just leave them as is?  Would it be aweful to paint them?  They are raw wood and pretty easy to damage, stain, etc.  So I'd like to finish them some way.

I had been watching this chair on CL for about three weeks.  Originally put on for about $300 and while I knew it was worth it, WAY over my budget (ha... budget...!  I don't have a budget for this stuff but feel guilty paying more than $20 for something..)  The price had been dropped about three times with the final at $200.  I sent the post'er an email saying how beautiful it was and how I had been admiring it.  I explained that I'd love to buy it but could only afford $100.  If they got to a position where they needed to get rid of it and would take $100, call me...  Which she did, about 30 minutes later!!  I picked it up that evening thinking I should have offered her $50!!  darnit!  Anyhow, this is absolutely Gorgeous!!  Much bigger and prettier in person than the pictures.  I want to paint her an antique white, distress her, glaze her and reupholster her.  Thoughts??  I really would like to do it all in an antique white.  Even the upholstery but wondering if you have other thoughts on how this would look better?  The skys the limit with this piece really.  I'm sure it would look good with any type of cloth and paint job...

I also picked up four antique glass door knobs.  MAN, i just swooned when I saw them!  I want to do something beautiful, lovely, and appropriate for these.  Not sure if I want to put them all on one piece or split them up individually.  Of course there's the coat rack option... which is what I first thought of but there are so many crafty people out there who may have better ideas... Do you have any ideas on what I should do with them??

Another CL find was this beautiful mirror! 

Do you have any items you just don't know what to do with??  Share them... who knows if you'll get a great idea!


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower. Thanks for joining my blog. You have some great projects. I have the exact same end table you pictured above, but mine is longer more like coffee table size. I stained it dark brown and then I did a very light grayish/white glaze over it. I finished up with some Bri Wax to seal it and I love how it turned out. Can't wait to see how you redo the chair. It's awesome!

  2. Absolutely fantastic!
    Keep it coming!

  3. Love it darling!! maybe we can follow each others blog?! XoXo